scotch. three fingers.

I remember when there was no gmail, when facebook was privy only to college kids, and most importantly, when people ONLY used xanga.

Now there are ridiculous amounts of browsing one must go through in order to keep in web-touch with all friends and acquaintances. Facebook, twitter, xanga, wordpress, blogger, tumblr. And I (the filthy hypocrite) am guilty of 5 out of 6, and am coming dangerously close to being guilty of the whole shebang.

It is 3:38 pm at work, I am here until 4, I have been out of work things to do since 1:30. And so I have begun to explore Tumblr. In my opinion, it’s kind of like a better, artsier Twitter, albeit without the real-time convenience. People are edgier and wittier on Tumblr, three fingers full of awesome quotes and fabulous photos.

But, as I have yet to begin my own collection of photographs, and have not the ability to unearth them on the ‘net, and like long sentences way too much, perhaps I shall hold out for a while longer.

ps.. I really like


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