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And so it begins

My foray into the digital world, that is. After a mad scramble to register for online classes at Foothill (which started two days ago), contacting professors and getting permission to add late, finally being officially enrolled, came the fun task of de-coding and simplifying the syllabus. 

So anyway, I’m all signed up, but I can’t even view the online course website until 24 hours later, which really doesn’t do anything for me. And then I need to buy the required textbooks (from amazon, because i’ll be damned if i’m shelling out 80 bucks for a textbook the size of Cosmo) and get Illustrator and Photoshop. (And a new lens, but we’ll talk about that later). 

Ms. Diana Lui was awesome enough to introduce me to the world of illicit potions downloading, and already, i feel like the worst kind of noob and poser. It will remain to be seen what I do with said programs once they finish downloading in a day and a half. 


Ok I lost my train of thought because I typed in ‘art school portfolios’ in the search bar and came up with some truly frightening results. Am in the midst of freaking out. Let me design words, please.


–> Art

Deciding on going to art school seems to have changed more than simply my direction. Cliched though it may be, I feel like it’s changed my perspective of (are you ready for it?) the world.

That’s right. 

I said it. 

Everything simply seems to have an.. artsy quality to it. 

(And I consider myself a writer.) 

I don’t really know how to explain it, except that Gabe Bondoc songs now inspire pictures, lookbook is more than just a way to rework my wardrobe, music bleeds through your soul and your muscles, and the city seems like the place to be. Some place where I’m off being brave and adventurous and chic. 

Although I must admit, I am excited to have an excuse to dress like an art student, haha. 


Anyhoo, when was the last time I wrote anything new? Never. 


And she wondered at what point would she realize just how colossally fucked up she really was. 


It’s late. I’m slightly emo. Falling back into old habits now that I’m back home.

Ergo, I shall leave you with this bit of goodness:

little boy with fur and stuffed animals

That is 100% not posed. Don’t you just love him?

Misadventures in the City


Good evening, boys and girls. It’s been a while since we’ve had story time – how about I tell you (briefly) about an adventure called “Summer oh-nine”? Yes? Ok, everyone pull up a cushion and grab a cuppa, and the story begins. 

On September 8th, two-thousand-and-nine, Phillip and Julia began their journey from San Diego to Millbrae. It was a process that involved lots and lots of boxes and sweaty afternoons hauling said boxes from the apartment to the car.

Well, mostly I packed, and Phillip hauled. Sweet guy that he is. :) There was so much that happened this summer (the best summer of my life). Staying down in SD (for the first time EVER in my college career!), enjoying the alternately too-hot and this-isn’t-summer weather, interning, and spending every possible minute with Boy, who helped me move no less than four times in three months. 

We drove from SD to spend Labor Day weekend in Cerritos, where we ate lots of dinners with Phillip’s family and spent a fun day at Knott’s Berry Farm. I am back in Norcal now, where I cuddle under an old robe next to Mowgli as we watch TV. Phillip left for LA two days ago, and Mowgli and I miss him very very much. Very very. Very. 

But Phillip did spend ten days here, and unfortunately, I was not a very good host and didn’t take him out and about to funness as much as I would have liked to. But we did get a few good days in here and there, and here they are. 

Mama Chang got complimentary tickets to the Giant’s Dodger’s game on the 11th. Unfortunately, the Giants got slaughtered, and beer and food were ridiculously expensive, but we had super seats and it was super fun. 

My brother drove us to the train station, and this was Mowgli in my lap before we unceremoniously left for the game without him. And such a look of betrayal he gave us.

look of betrayal


But Peter, how do we get to Neverland?


unfortunately, it’s not by boarding platform nine and three-quarters, but platform 5. Caltrain. 

Platform 9 and free quarters


additionally, we were late and the train was empty so we decided to have an impromptu photoshoot. I call it: black & white.

nyah :)


black and white photoshoots on empty trains make us emo.

an angry twilight

an angry twilight

AT&T Park

the sweets, the crowd, the seats.



Then, on the night of the 14th, I prance around the living room whilst telling Phillip I have a surprise for him. It’s a simple one, really, involving two steaming mugs of hot chocolate, a blanket, and the view from Treasure island. 

The City

night skyline of SF, as seen from Treasure Island. 


Bay Bridge

The Bay Bridge. Newly finished and very pretty. 

In honor of the third Wednesday of September, we also paid a visit to the California Academy of Science

And then on Thursday, Sept. 17th, we traipsed over to Fisherman’s Wharf to gambol about the sidewalks and lunge after pigeons. Yes, the humans too. 


That Mowgli cranes his neck in the oddest angles. You can be sure that he is keeping tabs on a pigeon. He also sometimes sleeps in the weirdest position. pictures to come later when i finally catch him at it again. 

‘Twas a beautiful day in our usually foggy city. Here, have a looksie:


So beautiful, in fact, that the ladies and gentlemen of the sea came out to the harbor to bask in the sunlight:



But most importantly – my two favoritest boys. Everyone who saw Mowgli in Phillip’s arms cooed. like pigeons. not that we needed any more of those, thank you. 

poppa and puppy

Good thing he’s not single. Otherwise he’d wreak havoc on the town, with a puppy that cute in his arms. Oh, and his considerable charm too, I suppose.

I still have tons of pictures left, but it is late and I must get up early tomorrow, so until another day. 

PS… This entry is called ‘Misadventures’ because twice we attempted to go into the city to take a Funks SF class but failed both times. First time we failed because we were late, but it was only a half-fail because we ended up wandering around Union Square instead and listening to street bands and taking in the lights. The second time was because we ALL got emails saying class was at 8, but really, it started at 7. fail. 

double fail because i didn’t even write about it. bad entry.

triple fail because i think Mowgli has fleas. bad doggie.

Squeaky McSqueakerson

Phillip, Mowgli, and I are back in Cerritos for Labor Day weekend. But first, we had an eventful (sort of) last week in San Diego. :( but since this entry is about Mowgli, we shall speak of this sadness later. 

This is the first (and, to date, the only) toy we bought Mowgli; it’s this orange squeaky thing that was ninety-seven cents at walmart. and he loves it. 

Behold, Squeaky McSqueakerson.


squeaky mcsqueakerson

squeaky mcsqueakerson


and when Mowgli gets Mr. Squeaky at the right angle, he squeaks it every two seconds, much to the disturbance of Phillip’s post-waking-up-nap. 

Look, the culprit himself!


IMG_5598 copy


Rawr. Squeak.

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