Squeaky McSqueakerson

Phillip, Mowgli, and I are back in Cerritos for Labor Day weekend. But first, we had an eventful (sort of) last week in San Diego. :( but since this entry is about Mowgli, we shall speak of this sadness later. 

This is the first (and, to date, the only) toy we bought Mowgli; it’s this orange squeaky thing that was ninety-seven cents at walmart. and he loves it. 

Behold, Squeaky McSqueakerson.


squeaky mcsqueakerson

squeaky mcsqueakerson


and when Mowgli gets Mr. Squeaky at the right angle, he squeaks it every two seconds, much to the disturbance of Phillip’s post-waking-up-nap. 

Look, the culprit himself!


IMG_5598 copy


Rawr. Squeak.

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One thought on “Squeaky McSqueakerson

  1. john mayer says:

    wow this is cool

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