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Deciding on going to art school seems to have changed more than simply my direction. Cliched though it may be, I feel like it’s changed my perspective of (are you ready for it?) the world.

That’s right. 

I said it. 

Everything simply seems to have an.. artsy quality to it. 

(And I consider myself a writer.) 

I don’t really know how to explain it, except that Gabe Bondoc songs now inspire pictures, lookbook is more than just a way to rework my wardrobe, music bleeds through your soul and your muscles, and the city seems like the place to be. Some place where I’m off being brave and adventurous and chic. 

Although I must admit, I am excited to have an excuse to dress like an art student, haha. 


Anyhoo, when was the last time I wrote anything new? Never. 


And she wondered at what point would she realize just how colossally fucked up she really was. 


It’s late. I’m slightly emo. Falling back into old habits now that I’m back home.

Ergo, I shall leave you with this bit of goodness:

little boy with fur and stuffed animals

That is 100% not posed. Don’t you just love him?


One thought on “–> Art

  1. P says:

    lol. natural cuddler

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