And so it begins

My foray into the digital world, that is. After a mad scramble to register for online classes at Foothill (which started two days ago), contacting professors and getting permission to add late, finally being officially enrolled, came the fun task of de-coding and simplifying the syllabus. 

So anyway, I’m all signed up, but I can’t even view the online course website until 24 hours later, which really doesn’t do anything for me. And then I need to buy the required textbooks (from amazon, because i’ll be damned if i’m shelling out 80 bucks for a textbook the size of Cosmo) and get Illustrator and Photoshop. (And a new lens, but we’ll talk about that later). 

Ms. Diana Lui was awesome enough to introduce me to the world of illicit potions downloading, and already, i feel like the worst kind of noob and poser. It will remain to be seen what I do with said programs once they finish downloading in a day and a half. 


Ok I lost my train of thought because I typed in ‘art school portfolios’ in the search bar and came up with some truly frightening results. Am in the midst of freaking out. Let me design words, please.


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