We have an exceptionally full house tonight. My parents, me, little bro, cousin Robyn, cousin Andrew, two sets of aunts and uncles, one boyfriend, four boyfriend’s friends, and one Mowgli. 

Sleeping quarters will be a bit cramped, but i love it. The house is physically warmer, and its so much more lively. Even Mowgli, who normally starts to keel over around 10 pm, stayed wide awake and hyper until almost 11:30. 

Speaking of abnormally charming four-legged creatures, the longer Mowgli lives with us, the more I am convinced he is a real little person. You live for a week with him and then try to tell me that he doesn’t know how to play innocent, when he does wrong, when i tell him i love him. 

Anyway, I found out tonight that one of my uncles is a really good photographer who won a bunch of prizes in Taiwan. I’ve never seen any of his work, but upon hearing that I recently purchased a new lens, the rest of the relatives immediately told me to go discuss cameras and photography techniques (of which I have none) with my uncle, whom I have not seen in four years.


It was awkward at first, but then it got funny.


I have this uncle, see. He’s hilarious, but I’m not too sure why. See, the thing about him is, he has this sort of lisp thing going on, where he neither speaks Chinese nor English very correctly. In Chinese, his ‘fu’ becomes ‘hu’ (and then he throws in some taiwanese for good measure) and in English, his ‘beer’ becomes ‘bill’. And then he tells these ‘cold’ jokes, where they’re not really jokes, more like shakes of the head.


okay that was a bad story. let me try again.


Today, I had to leave Mowgli all alone for the first time since he’s been here living with us. I closed the door that led to the stairs and I listened to see what he was doing when I got to the bottom. I heard him tearing around upstairs, running from room the room, looking for (presumably) me. (And that secretly warms my heart. Lo, he misses me!) And then I hear him tearing back into the kitchen, and then heen-ing for someone to come to his rescue. Damn near broke my heart, but it had to be done. Once I got to Costco, I told my Mum about it, and then she said: can you imagine how I felt on your first day of school???


… awwww.

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