ms. swift says

I was driving to Sogo Bakery this afternoon and Taylor Swift’s You Belong With Me was playing on the radio, and I had… well, not so much of an epiphany as a realization of a changed heart. Because it wasn’t something that struck me like lightning, just a realization that had been coming for some time, something that was less opaque as time went on, something that ‘you’ll understand when you’re older, Chip.’

Unrequited love is a sucky deal. It’s beautifully tragic if done right, but sucky all the same. 

I told you it wasn’t a sudden insight to the workings of humankind. But I used to believe it was romantic in that inevitable decay of a beautiful thing sort of way, and I have discovered, while it works for novels and movies and music and other works of art, it is infinitely better to have someone that give us back what we give them. 

However, as I listen through my collection of newly acquired music and Ms. Swift tells me to try breathing without you (a bad attempt at sarcasm, because i like this song a lot), I feel suddenly nostalgic and quietly restless, and there’s a tugging of the soul that tells me to light the candles and write until just before dawn breaks.

I told you it was beautiful, nonetheless.   

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