Sometimes, i think that storing things underneath my bed is a bad idea. Other times, i feel like a space-conscious squirrel.

Like today, for instance. I was looking for an old sketchbook that i was certain i had not thrown out during the Great Purge of Past Schoolwork from Underneath the Bed. And i was write right. My hands are a little dustier and I am in need of a good pencil (pens are better for writing. permanent, you see) but let us embark on a short journey to create the Nekobus. This is stemming from an idea (or perhaps,  just bad peripheral vision) that happened on the freeway to… somewhere. the City, perhaps. But it was still early for Christmas – early enough that i had not yet seen cars hauling bound christmas trees on the highway yet. There was an SUV-ish car with a large tree strapped to its roof, with the tip of the tree hanging over the back of the car. And for that wonderous split second, i thought there was a gigantic cat perched on top of the car.


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One thought on “Squirrel!

  1. joyousknight says:

    aha, thats cute.

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