just one of those sentences

a combination of being cold and excessively caffeinated feels like being in love

Today, I feel like using a table as an anchor again. I haven’t felt like that in a long time. When the whirlwind of your thoughts is enough to keep you from wanting to leave anything stationary, you’re so disoriented.

Today, I have anchored myself to the coffee table. Facebook was up (when is it not?) and Run Devil Run was on repeat, and I tried to fall asleep in the most uncomfortable position ever, with Mowgli curled up next to me. He still stands in as my shadow, though recently he’s been an awfully talkative and ornery one.

Now, finally the sun’s rays slant enough to reach over the couch. I feel like curling up on a square of carpeted sunshine and falling asleep. Except Mowgli’s taken the best square, so I shall have to content myself with the coffee table. Sans coffee. and sans comfort.

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One thought on “just one of those sentences

  1. jentsang says:

    i really like this post. i like coffee.

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