i’m all a-twitter

A few weeks ago, while shopping/lunching/filming for D.choi’s new mv, Wes got fed-up with the constant flow of Justin Bieber comments from David and Phil. So after being mobbed by a gaggle of highschoolers for an autograph session and a photoshoot (during which – you guessed it – phil brought up justin bieber) he passed a new law. 

ANY mention of Justin Bieber will result in the payment of a quarter to the music video fund. 

David and I had fun humming it (baby baby baby oh!!!) whilst Wesley was occupied to see how long we could get away with it. Phil failed genuinely on numerous accounts. 

That is why this is funny.

lolcatz. Justin Bieber. 



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One thought on “i’m all a-twitter

  1. jentsang says:

    you know, that chart is pretty true. i’ve also seen long discussions/arguments on buzz about justin bieber. so strange.

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