absolutely everything

every single part of me hurts.

excuse to dramatization (i do have a knack for it) but i’m sick and my skin hurts and my head hurts and my throat hurts, and i’m looking at old pictures and remembering old things, and my heart hurts too.

It’s nearing 1 in the morning, and that is not so late, but red jumpsuit apparatus’ your guardian angel is on repeat and this time of night and this sort of music just puts me in one of those moods.

The weird thing is, it is not only nostalgia that makes my heart hurt. Things now and things good and things happy make it that way too, with this sort of mood.

All this is proof that I should’ve gone to bed when the clock struck 10:45, with a glass of OJ and Harry Potter book in hand.

And this, just because recently I have been left without extra words all too often:


She holds her breath, and the phone rings. If she exhales would it stop?


There is an audible click as he picks up. There is music and revelry in the background, a contained chaos, and his voice is mid-laugh when he answers.

Hello, Brian.


One thought on “absolutely everything

  1. Sharon Yi says:

    we should start our line together lol <3 I love ur creative side and ur fashion :D

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