Monthly Archives: August 2010

My room is in a constant state of disarray.

Wes said one that he prefers it. It looks lived in, and not abnormally clean. I take solace in that, even if I issue a disclaimer every time a friend comes over – prepare yourself, my room is a battlezone. What do you battle against, they invariably ask?

Why, thank you for asking. It is a long and sometimes interesting list.

In the mornings, I battle sleepiness. It is a most cunning enemy, lulling you into a false sense of time – if you close your eyes for just five more minutes, Sleepiness chases time forward until when you do finally snap open those eyelids you’re already late. for life.

Sunday evenings I battle the obligation of work the next morning. I sit on my bed (much like now) and refresh facebook and check email and try to write, though I am so out of practice. I say, if ONLY i didn’t have to go to loathsome work in the morning, I could get so much more done. Mostly though, work just sucks.

I move mountains. Weekly. That is, small mountains of discarded clothing grow as the days pass – on my chairs, on my desk, on the carpet. At least, Mowgli’s TWOcount’emTWO take up the majority of my floor space. But he doesn’t have a closet nor does he have many clothes, so i suppose it’s a fair trade off.

That’s all i can really think of right now because that’s how i feel/what i see at the moment.

I promise you i have much more interesting thoughts swimming about my head, but when did the task of writing it all down become such work?

A quick list, if you please.

Brian, Mowgli, Inception, dreaming, movie analysis, overall feeling, cleverness and books, the conceptual age, Japan, ideas, and my nice, comfortable bed.

I’m battling sleepiness already. A sign of old age, i tell you.