Oh, the possibilities.

I found it. After browsing through J.Mayer’s tumblr for about an hour.

People want to be liked. We all crave attention and affection and we all reject shame. When we get embarrassed we send a thug version of ourselves to the forefront to do our fighting for us. We’re at the top of the food chain just under fear.  We don’t want to be in a relationship to hear the words “I love you,” we want to be in a relationship to say the words “I love you.” We want to feel needed, and exceptional and we hate feeling insignificant. We want to ace a hearing test. We are binary creatures; if we’re the plaintiff, we want to win every dollar. If we’re the defendant, we want guard every penny. We want to make more money than last year. We don’t want to get cancer or die in our cars and we want the same for our loved ones. We go out on weekends to try and have sex while trying not to get punched in the face. We drink so we can be ourselves and not mind it so much. We’re desperate to be understood. We want to know someone else has felt it, too. We hate being judged unfairly. We want to make the person we heard wasn’t all that into us change their minds and admit they had us wrong. We want sunny skies with a chance of killer tornadoes, just to keep music sounding good. We take hours upon hours to admit to self consciousness. We don’t know exactly how to pleasure each other. We just want love. In any and every form.

See? It’s simple. :)

This finding something like this that strikes you right, this feeling of inspiration spreading like warmth from the inside to the very tips of your fingers, this is what makes me believe I am going down the right path.

Or at least, am going in the right general direction from what i can tell in the pitch black, since Orion’s belt illuminates very little.

But at least it’s feeling lost in the best possible way – to feel lost in the thousands of possibilities of human nature, of anthropological finds, of collective psyches. To feel that the world is simultaneously of epic and miniscule proportions, so that it’s possible to tattoo the whole of it onto the slim side of your wrist.

Love. Above all else I believe in Love.

Oh, the possibilities.


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