i live through fairy tales

and by that I don’t mean that I want to adopt a dainty and fair-skinned persona, or live in a ball gown, or a palace made of gingerbread.

If the word magic has been turned into something oozing of cheese, it is perhaps the fault of all of you, who chalk it up to being nothing but velvet cut plum suits and rabbits and top hats and Halloween.

Magic? he asked, an indulgent smile threatening to spill into his voice. You mean magical, like romance, not magic.

No, my love. I mean magic.

such insolence, alice.

I rather dislike all the Alice-craze popping up in tacky ways after Tim Burton’s movie release. But I don’t hate. Ok fine, I do, but only because i hate the commercialism of it. Wonderland (and Neverland, for that matter) is special, g-damit. and now they’re mass-producing queen-of-hearts tutus and alice themed makeup at Claires. Go. Away.

Thankfully, fashion editorials (and Annie Leibovitz!) do fairy tales justice just about always.

From the Alice in Wonderland editorial photo shoot for 2005 Vogue by Annie Leibovitz:

I love love LOVE this. Tim Burton and Tim Walker for Vogue:

Tim Walker:

I’ll be in that sunset one day.

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One thought on “i live through fairy tales

  1. Magnolia says:

    I like your blog and enjoyed reading what you have to say:)

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