Getting my ass handed to me

between school and 9gag, my time in front of the computer vacillates wildly between beating my head against the door of the creative commons (har har) and being absolutely, guilt-riddenly, ulcer-inducingly unproductive.

I miss writing. I haven’t thought that until today, when I was browsing through some online photography portfolios for inspiration (“you can’t design in a fucking vacuum”, thanks goodfuckingdesignadvice). I followed David Choi’s new album photography back to Melly Lee’s online portfolio. And wow.

I love photography. I don’t think I’d be pursuing it as a hobby anytime soon; I’m so swamped I couldn’t imagine devoting enough time to it to make me not hate my end result. But photography is so so beautiful. And not because people know how to take ‘pretty pictures’. To me, the beauty lies in the ability the photographer has to show us how she views the world through her own personal, instinctual filter.

what the what?

Isn’t that amazing? What I strive to create through words could never evoke such quick, visceral feelings like an amazing photograph from an amazing point of view could.



2 thoughts on “Getting my ass handed to me

  1. carmen says:

    umm, hi! stalking! melly is super talented and creative! you should just get a disposable!! and shoot as you please :) i have some lomo’s that i can lend you indefinitely! p.s. i think i’ve said it before but I love reading your writing.

  2. melly lee says:

    I 100% agree with carmen! Shoot whatever you want with whatever you have and everything will fall into place :)

    Ps thanks for checking out my stuff!

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