Fashion Blogging

I wish I could consider myself fashion forward, but I think a more accurate term would be ‘fashion late-bloomer’. Alas, as with so many other aspects of life that came later (contacts, straight teeth, boobs, boyfriends – mayhaps the latter two are directly correlated) I am hardly ever ‘on trend’ (see beautiful YSL arty ring that is at-least-two-years-old-my-god-you-haven’t-heard-of-them-yet?)

That’s okay though. I sift through the blogs of lovelier and more fashionable ladies than I, and I use their trials and errors to moderate my own closet – that is, when I’m not enviously coveting their sense of color and texture – there’s a reason I aspire to be a copywriter and not an art director.

I’ve also noticed that – as with everything – presentation is important. Therefore presentation of their fashion presentation is also important, and they all own dslrs and photographer boyfriends. I do own a dslr (although since Mowgli pooped on my only camera bag when he was a wee pup, I can’t in good hygienic conscience carry it around anymore) even though it doesn’t see much sun/artificial light. And I do have a boyfriend (yay), although he is decidedly not a photographer, and very much a DJ.

And a DJ who may be more fashionable than I am. To illustrate: I recently purchased a pair of bright, (electric) cobalt blue jeans, which I gleefully took out of the shopping bag and laid before him, ready to chuckle good naturedly at his reluctance to my daring color choice, so sure was I of my fashion savvy. To which he replied: you sure you don’t want something brighter and.. not-blue?

So, I propose instead, in a typical turn of events, I shall wear what I wear and photograph him doing his DJ thing. With Mowgli in hipster glasses and a scarf, also behind the turntables.


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