When is it not a food day?

If I have a vice (I’m sure I have many) it’s late night snacking. Image

I wanted a savory snack, but discovered the Costco-sized chip bag already in the garbage. Neither my brother nor my dad will own up, but I know it was one of them – perhaps the both in conjunction.


That gigantic opaque blob in my bowl is not a gigantic booger. It is an unmelted piece of sugar that I nearly broke my tooth on.


Lurv my mug! Thank you Jenno! <3 You know me so well.

In other food news, Peel and I drove all the way to San Jose to get us some Boiling Crab. Well, he drove from East Bay (omigodsofar) and back, which was very gentlemanly of him. Also because he was extremely late.


He says we’re friends, but in photos it’s debatable whether or not he actually enjoys my company.

I told Mowgli we were going to lunch and he couldn’t come, on account of his lack of table manners, so he went and hid in his cave in a huff.


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2 thoughts on “When is it not a food day?

  1. Sonia Mimi says:

    I have to see Mowgli someday seriously : D

  2. jenuine says:

    mowgli is soooo cutes!!!

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