an artist and her tools

I have a lot of makeup.

Well, maybe not that much, but certainly more than most people I am friends with. I’m not sure what this means, but it makes me feel like less of a poser art student. I contour and paint and sketch every day! Before breakfast! I belong.

Thankfully, these are the only things I use with any regularity.

the detail-oriented observer will notice that I have a lot of blush.

If I still danced, this pile would include lots of eyeshadow, glitter, and false eyelashes. And no, it wasn’t drag. Jerks.


My bedside table. Everything was actually there – except my giant color pencils and my makeup brushes. Ignore the weird advertisement on my kindle.

Spring Break is finally heeerre! Even though it’s actually already half over, and I’ve spent most of it blissfully doing nothing academically productive, there’s still Coachella to look forward to, and this little project.


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