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I didn’t mean for this to end up a rant

I’m supposed to doing a short write-up for my online class (I AM doing a short write-up for my online class), but we touched on a topic that I’ve been wanting to talk about for a while.

Without getting muddled into the specifics (Nietzche, Foucault, canonized world views), the discussion topic is to describe an event in your life where there was a canonized view, and then describe the actual lived experience.

I may have deviated from the topic a little bit, but I decided to talk about Odds/Funks.

After moving home post-undergrad and not landing a job and deciding to take classes and work on my portfolio, it was a very, very lonely time in which the happiest part of my day was seeing the way Mowgli followed me around the house. (Unfailingly. Unflinchingly. But his loyalty shall be saved for a different post.)

Then I joined the Funkbrella and it changed my life.

Ok, not really. But I was very very very happy I made Odds. (Crazy kids <3) There was so much life on that team, and I got the chance to practice and perform with some amazing dancers. It was still difficult to admit that I hadn’t moved to London yet with an impressive profession and an impressive salary, but when distant acquaintances asked what I was “up to nowadays” (think high school reunion via facebook chat), it was kind of awesome to say, “not much… just dancing a lot”.

So imagine my chagrin, when a (once close, now distant) acquaintance replied with, “oh. well I hope you’re not wasting your education.”

That sentence did not deign a response, so I appropriately did not give him one.

It was disgusting. The people I danced with were some of the most creative, intelligent, ambitious, and hard-working people I’ve ever met, and that’s saying something, since the vast majority of my non-dance friends are overachievers. Not only were these dancers committing to long (and sometimes tedious) practice session twice a week (+ hell weeks), they were all still pursuing their dream day-professions with as much fervor. They were law students (in one of the best law schools in the nation), medical students (ditto), a lot of nursing students, designers, photographers, programmers, consultants, entrepreneurs, and philanthropists. And YOU want to tell me that you hope I’m not wasting my education? Don’t worry, I’m not, because I’ve learned some of the best things from these amazing people – things you will probably never get the chance to learn, because your head is too far up your own ass to see how little we all really know, and that there’s always something to learn from someone else, and that your own disdain and elevated sense of self-importance will only result in your ruin.

Also, I know you didn’t actually insult me (you might’ve, in some really awkward way, been complimenting me), but your ignorance was simply astounding. And I hope you know that your answer just set the collective human IQ back a couple points.

I said I wouldn’t get emotional, but there you go. Even the best of us get riled up occasionally.

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what grinds my gears

(for some reason, that is my strongest memory of Family Guy)

A short rant of (esoteric, elitist) things that bother me:

– Taylor Swift lyrics in which she calls herself “a scarlet letter”: Pretttttyyyy sure she doesn’t want to be known as a woman wearing a scarlet letter. I think she’s confused. Please see Nathaniel Hawthorne, High School Required Reading.

– “Bougie” : Aside from the atrocious spelling, this (atrocious, atrocious) derivation of bourgeoisie is so wrong in definition. Did the definition change when the US adopted this word? I’m so confused. Urbandictionary tells me yes, but I can’t in good journalistic and academic integrity take Urbandictionary’s word for anything.

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