“The leaf is comprised of a branching pattern that the large veins of the leaf create throughout the leaf. Notice the branching pattern of the large veins as they branch all over the leaf.”

Worst. Sentences. Ever.

What with battling through this horrible online lecture, beating a thought to death, and the cat yowling at regular intervals in our front yard, it’s geting late and I’m less and less inclined to be productive.


Originally I was going to write “onlineclassesstink”, but the “uck” seems to stand out a lot more than the “ink”. Might that be why the f-word is so prevalently used to describe an overwhelming feeling of anger or pain? or anger?

Speaking of ink, I’d like to get henna-ed in a possible preparation for more permanent ink. In two years, if I’m still thinking about this, then maybe.

Call me?

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