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my sentiments exactly

from the 7×7 blog, about Outsideland’s Friday lineup:

MSTRKFT, 7pm, Twin Peaks

Ravers, start your engines. In what was essentially a warm-up for Justice, MSTRKFT tried its damnedest to steal the show. As far as modern house DJ outfits go, the Toronto-based duo takes the mind-fuck route to party-starting. One friend had a thought: “It’s like Chemical Brothers on mescaline.” Sure. The only thing cramping their style was the lingering daylight, which never helps trad electro. But it still did the trick of getting the juices flowing for…

JUSTICE, existing outside of the time space continuum, Twin Peaks

Here are all my notes: “!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”



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gossip girls

girls need girltime in order to have her best girlfriends tell her repeatedly that she is not crazy.

buried under a mountain of debt

I get a pit in my stomach every time I think about how much I owe in student loans.


we’re grammar elitists

… but sometimes people are just ridiculous, so it’s okay.

A conversation between Jen and me (notice I did not say “Jen and I”, because it’s a prepositional phrase, and pronouns following prepositional phrases are always in the objective case, ergo, ‘between you and me’) about the little things that shouldn’t bother us, but rub us a teensy bit the wrong way.

i.e. someone writing ‘i balled my eyes out’

ouch. that sounds like it might hurt.

Anyway, on the heels of this conversation:

Jen’s gchat status: I hate APA formatting.

me: MLA forever!

Jen: werd.

me: we are so nerdy.

And we are <3