Because I like talking about myself, and because my handful of readers have unwisely convinced me that they like reading about me talking about myself:

Why working retail at Nordstrom is like going to finishing school:
– presentation is very important. People are less inclined to ask one for shopping advice if one looks like a schlub.
– customers can be demanding jerks, and it necessitates one to learn to be charming and diplomatic and pleasant without actually committing to any promises.
– one learns to keep one’s sweat glands in check; a proper lady never sweats.

Best (only?) finishing school quote from Ella Enchanted: “And when he heard you were at finishing school, he was indignant. He demanded to know why you needed to be finished since there was nothing wrong with you to start with.”

finishing school

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One thought on “finishing school

  1. Lol I can’t imagine what it’s like to work at an American retailer anymore since in HK, all the luxury stores are packed with Chinese tourists with huge lists of stuff they have to buy and bring back as gifts. They expect salespeople to not have to give them an experience or luxury service- it’s like a McDonald’s with lineups at Gucci at 10am on a Monday morning!


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