Monthly Archives: November 2013

God and stuff

I want to talk about God.

But all the capitals that people use when they talk about Him make me uncomfortable. What if I don’t address Him in the Proper Way? Will I Offend Him?

I like capitalizing things too, but the words that are crowned with a capital letter are often arbitrary and contingent upon my whimsy, so that I’ll write a sentence about gossamer wings and capitalize Leaf.

I’m not purposely trying to be blithe, because this really is a topic that interests (and confuses) me, especially in light of my dad’s recent surgery. Let’s suffice it to say that not enough people get liver transplants, and there happened, in the few years running up to that thankful Thanksgiving, a slew of random-seeming events and decisions that really opened the door and sped up his recovery.

I was so immensely relieved at the end of it (for even though he’s often cranky and surly and traditional, he’s my dad, and he is more loving and caring and thoughtful. I state the obvious.)

I digress.

I was so immensely relieved at the end of it all, that I wanted to thank someone.

The question wasn’t Whom (am I doing it right?), but Am I Allowed to Thank You If I’ve Never Gone To Church Regularly?

There are a few things (I don’t know enough to say that there are a LOT of things) on which organized religion and I don’t agree. I won’t get into them here, because one of them makes me honestly and truly fired up, and I don’t want to be all aflame when I talk about God.


This post ended there, and I never got back to it, or possibly I went on a tangent with that whale photo. Anyway, here it is in its un-entirety, perhaps to be returned to later.