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Dear God

I’ve been wanting to thank someone for the very fortunate chain of events that led to my dad’s successful liver transplant (for which many wait years to never receive. it still gives me goosebumps.) I’ve talked to Jen about this, and she admitted to also thinking that the fortunate chain was extremely sovereign, and was encouraging of my idea of discussing with and ultimately thanking God, although I didn’t really know how.


a lonely little whale, marooned on an island of its own shadow, amidst the vast ocean of possibility

I’ve been trying this thing, lately, where I try not to put off things into the nebulous future, so here goes:

Dear God,

Thank you for my father, my mother, my brothers (even though it annoys me sometimes that one has an old and frumpy soul and the other one can be a know-it-all little prat), my large and wonderful extended family and red envelopes (just kidding), my best friends, my way-better-than-acquaintances-and-would-totally-invite-to-my-wedding friends, my dog (if it’s not too much trouble, could you make sure he lives a long and happy life? I mean, the Tucks gave Winnie magical spring water, and she wasted it on a toad she didn’t even love very much), my boyfriend (no complaints there… maybe see if you can make him read more), my past and my future (thanking you for this in advance), for courage, optimism, imagination, dreams, and my words.

I know there are a lot of little and not so little things I haven’t articulated, but if I wrote it all down my owl would have a lot of trouble getting this letter to the north pole¬†you, so I’ll end it here, and I hope you don’t find it particularly blasphemous that I wrote to you in a blog post. Or that sometimes when I think of you, I picture an eternal Dumbledore.



it's not blasphemous that whales need help too

it’s not blasphemous that whales need help too

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